Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Bastille Day!

Vive le France, or something..

My uncle and aunt have temporarily moved to gay Paris for the summer! While they are no doubtedly watching fireworks and eating cake, I must brainstorm activities to keep myself away from the guillotine...

1. Maid Races at L'Enfant Cafe: men dressed up as French waitresses running in high-heeled shoes. Free cake passed out by King Louis and Marie Antoinette themselves. 1/2-price Belgian beers, including my very favorite Lindeman's Lambic Framboise. Hysterical potential for me: HIGH. Hysterical factor for them, gawking at my poorly bandaged left digit (hey, a girl is only so dextrous with one hand): HIGH.

2. A quiet night in with my favorite movie set in France, Chocolat. Mmm, Johnny Depp. Hysteric factor of watching Alfred Molina play his 2,786th character of different ethnic background than he actually is: MEDIUM.

3. Dinner party with close friends. Crepe spectacular? Wine? Cheese? Susheela Raman belting out her English-Tamil-French lyrics in her never-failing sultry voice? Hysteric factor of watching me cooked crepes with a burned left pointer finger: HIGH. Comfort of being at home: UNPARALLELED.

Nice! Pictures and recipes to follow.

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