Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life with Brian

It was a little more difficult to get out of bed this morning. It's raining, kind of grey outside, and a little cooler than usual. I am happy it is autumn, but because this summer was so enjoyable, I am sad to see it end. However, when I finally managed to fill up my gardening pot to water my plants, I discovered something wonderful. Brian, my basil plant, is thriving! Yes, I do name my plants; I think that's an entirely different post altogether.

Brian was given to me as a cutting by my work colleague, who has managed to nurse Brian's mom for four years! She warned me that he may not actually sprout, but he did. I replanted him into a bigger pot and have watered him consistently. Currently, a couple of Brian's stems are not green - ie they are not functional - yet the plant keeps growing. Brian is currently my most successful plant; although given my black thumb, it's amazing that all four of my plants are still alive. The situation reminds me of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, in which Francie Nolan is in awe of her neighborhood foliage, which manages to grow through all types of weather, urbanization patterns, and negative treatment, just like herself.

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