Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Senses: Screen on the Green

Last night, despite warnings of rain, a friend and I went to Screen on the Green, a weekly summertime screening. The film du jour was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We walked in a little late so I missed the first part of the plot line, but my friend quickly caught me up. Amidst the aliens and Jiminy Cricket, I reveled in a 5 Senses moment, a technique I learned in my yoga classes to stay fully present:

SEE: Well, aliens, of course. But also the bright lights of the US Capitol, which served as the backdrop of the theatre. Lots of people, including a couple seated in front of me who clearly prioritized romance in their relationship.

HEAR: Movie sounds, which for Close Encounters included a triumphant cacophony of alien-human communication a la Big with Tom Hanks on the giant keyboard. My friend cracking jokes through the screening. Also, quiet screams of people attempting to cross an empty stretch of grass near us, only to find it to be incredibly muddy. Finally, helicopters spinning overhead from time-to-time.

SMELL: Mud. Fresh air. Lavender, from my body spray. Grass, a scent I love.

FEEL: Blades of grass. Dirt. The softness of my raincoat, which we were using as a blanket.

TASTE: The lingering flavors of beet and pasta from my earlier dinner of whole wheat asparagus ravioli with beet pesto.

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