Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food for Fuel: A Night in Review

Confession: I am a horrible runner. Honestly, I think I walk faster than I run. I'd much rather be dancing, weight lifting, doing yoga, cartwheeling in the grass...

However, as my finger is still burnt, I've had to revise my fitness program. I have taken on an enormous personal challenge: to run a marathon for a charitable cause. I have identified a potential marathon to register for; it's taking place April 2o10. I've also started a six month beginner's marathon training program. Today, I finished week 1. Feeling good.*

Like many athletes, I have some superstitious beliefs about what makes me perform better. All of my beliefs are magenta, namely my workout gloves and my cloth headband. On days when all I want to do is watch TV, I only have to put on my workout gloves and no matter what, I will get in my workout. The headband is a recent addition, but it is extremely useful and quite stylish :)

Here's a picture of my gear:

*In case you doubt my ability to stick to a running schedule, don't. In 2004, I successfully completed the Couch to 5K program from Cool Runnings magazine.

Of course, now that I am running, I must nourish appropriately. Food is fuel, after all! Health literature I recently read claims that one should eat carbohydrates before a workout and a carbohydrate/protein mix afterward. After today's run, I munched on this:



1 red-skinned potato, in thin slices (like chips)
2 tsp olive oil
1 whole wheat tortilla
2 tbsp beet pesto, as per earlier recipe
2 tbsp parmesan cheese, shredded
salt and pepper, to taste

This recipe is inspired by my favorite pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso, which includes potato, pesto, and parmesan. Delicious!


Spread potato on a baking sheet and coat with olive oil.
Bake potato slices for 7 minutes at 350*, flipping over halfway.
Spread beet pesto evenly over tortilla, top with potato and parmesan.
Bake pizza for 7 minutes at 350*.
Season with salt and pepper.

Tonight I had water, but were it the weekend, I imagine a nice red wine would be a perfect companion. Also, this pizza is great to serve as hor d'oeurves.

And lastly, a quick preview of what is to come. Today, my colleague gave me some beautiful chilies from her garden. I am so appreciative. A lover of Indian food, she made me promise to allow her to sample whatever subcontinental fare includes the chilies. Check out these peppers:

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