Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Word of Mouth: Baked and Wired, Georgetown

Today, I wandered over to Baked and Wired, my most favorite bakery on the East Coast. Yes, I've been to Cake Love, Hello Cupcake, Georgetown Cupcake and even Magnolia. Baked and Wired always, always, always delivers a fabulous selection of moist cakes, creamy icings, cookies, biscotti, pies, quiche, bundt cakes, hippie crack (think granola pimped out with dried fruits and coconut), doggie biscuits, and loaf breads - all capped off with Counter Culture Coffee products.

Perhaps my devotion stems from the fact that my cupcakes come in a white, stiffly-handled bag reading "Get Baked." Perhaps it's due to the pretty pink bicycle permanently placed outside of the restaurant. Whatever reason, this place is GREAT.

The first time my sister sampled the carrot cupcake, she exclaimed, "Oh sh!t!," while her mouth was still full.

Go, you won't regret it. And mad props to my girl Anna for introducing me to Baked & Wired nearly two years ago.

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