Friday, July 17, 2009

I don't eat enough purple foods.

When one lives alone, cooking can seem like the endless search for what dinner can be created with a can of vegetables, leftover bread, and the last fruit cup in the pantry.

Today, I realized that I've had a can of pickled beets in my cupboard for ages. I also have a LOT of frozen ravioli, but what I do not have is sauce. After being offered some basil leaves from a work colleague this afternoon, I thought about making a pesto, but not one overpowered by the dramatic scent and taste of basil and pine nuts. After some brainstorming, here's what I came up with:



1 can pickled beets (15 oz), drained
1/4 cup cashew pieces
1/8 cup cilantro
1/8 cup basil leaves
2 garlic cloves
1 tbsp olive oil


Blend thoroughly, adding olive oil at the end. Enjoy!

Ok, I know it's fluorescent purple. But it's GOOD! A hint of basil, a little sweetness from the beets, and a smooth texture. If you are watching your waistline, the oil isn't necessary as the beets provide enough moisture.

So go on. Jazz up your pasta with this pesto and a little goat cheese. Spread it on pizza, or just enjoy it on melba toast.

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