Saturday, July 18, 2009

Word of Mouth: Homestead Farm and Eatonville Restaurant

No recipes today, but lots to report on the food front! Today began with my friend Rupa and I heading to the Adams Morgan Farmers Market. On the way, we discovered a gem: individual hawkers selling papusas, arepas, tacos, taquitos and much, much more in a nearby plaza. We stopped for a delicious lunch. I recommend the chile relleno if you are heading that way.

After purchasing some lovely tomatoes, we moved onto the U St Flea Market at the corner of 9th and U St NW. We met up with my friend Felix, who is working at the Embassy of Spain for the next few months. Again, we bought more produce as this market features specialty items like jicama. On the way to my flat, we passed by the U St Farmers Market. At Dolcezza, an expectant Argentinian lady gave us free half-pints of some amazing gelato flavors: blackberries and cream, Thai coconut milk, and chocolate. Delicious! When we finished, we met up with yet another friend, Sriram, and headed out to Homestead Farms in Poolesville, MD. In the shop at the farm, we saw some gorgeous produce.

(yellow wax beans)


On the farm, we picked beautiful blackberries from both thorny and thornless vines. We also picked peaches, but none of these were ripe. All the while, I imagined using these fruits in oatmeal, in pies, in crumbles. Mmmmm!

After driving back to Washington, we stopped at Eatonville to grab some delicious Southern food. If you go there, order the chipotle sweet potato bisque. You will not regret swallowing this delicious, sweet, creamy with a kick of spice at the end soup du jour. While the main dishes are spectacular, what truly shines at Eatonville are its appetizers, specifically the white cheddar tart and leek and shrimp-stuffed giant hushpuppy, and side items like the macaroni and cheese, collard greens, and mashed potatoes.

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